About Us

Nahzat Company Limited was established in 1953 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The main goal of the company was to produce and supply quality carpets for the biggest European wholesalers.

Nahzat Company Limited was the first company whom started production of Khal Muhammadi carpets in Afghanistan. The product’s name was chosen as Khal Muhammadi as the name of the head of the weavers in Andkhoy, Afghanistan was Khal Muhammad.

Nahzat Company Limited was the first company whom started production of Afghan Gold (Nahzat Ordinary). This product is very popular amongst European customers as the colour of the carpets could be changed from original red to deferent colours as a result of special treatment during washing process in Europe.

In the meantime, Nahzat Company Limited has the capability to supply all types of Afghan handmade carpets.

Also Nahzat Company Limited is the only company in Afghanistan that is importing and distributing high quality dyestuff for handmade carpets.

Our main goal was, is and always will be to supply quality Afghan handmade carpets to our customers all over the world.

In Nahzat Company Limited it is our commitment to supply top quality handmade carpets. We manufacture all types of hand-knotted rugs made with natural dyes and hand-spun Karakul wool which is the finest quality wool. In our combined experience of more than half a century that we are in this business we have learnt that, top quality rugs are lots more than a flooring item as it lasts for generations and there is always history with each and every Carpet. Every piece in supplied by NAHZAT comes with very careful selection and quality control since NAHZAT has 3 level of quality control. With production sites in Afghanistan and Pakistan our exclusivity is that we are obtaining all of our raw materials directly from the main source suppliers not from local distributors.

Nahzat is continuation of a family business that started in 1953 in Afghanistan by Mr. Sayed Mustafa Hashemi who established the business in Kabul named Nahzat Company Limited and for more than 40 years he was the main supplier for O.C.M. which was the largest carpet wholesaler of the world based in the U.K. In the meantime, Mr. Sayed Mustafa Hashemi worked with Late Mr. Richard Daniel Parsons who was a buyer for O.C.M. in Afghanistan during 1970’s. In 1983 they started a retail store in Hong Kong named Tribal Rugs Limited. Mr. Richard Daniel Parsons also wrote a book with the help of Mr. Sayed Mustafa Hashemi named Carpets of Afghanistan which is one of the most famous books ever published about the rugs of Afghanistan. Mr. Sayed Mustafa Hashemi has received 2 Gold Medals from Afghan Government for being a top exporter for the country.

Due to the civil war in Afghanistan, the operations of Nahzat Company Limited were moved to Pakistan under directions of Mr. Sayed Khusrow Hashemi in 1990s and we served many, many wholesale customers from North America, Far East and Europe that we apologize for not naming them as the list is too long to be published here.

In year 2000, our operations started in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada under name of Nahzat Import & Export which is our wholesale company in North America. We are serving our wholesale clients in North America and Europe through this company.

Our carpets are 100% handmade which means all the process from clipping the wool, twisting the wool, knotting the yarn, clipping the rugs, washing them and dying them with natural dyes are done with bare hands. Also our washing system is ECO friendly and all work is done by hand.